Organisation Configuration

Echo of peace is a social organization based on mutual cooperation. It was established in 2003 after the Bali Bombing 1 in Legian, known as a humanitarian disaster. Some initiators gathered community figures in order to create harmony after the issue of SARA (ethnicity, religion, clan, and cross-class) and hatreds towards certain groups. If it is not handled seriously by all parties concerned to peace, it could be very disturbing. Accordingly, many people are waken by the situation to join the organization as the peaceful ambassadors through a lot of social activities which are held in order to arouse community awareness of how important peacefulness is especially in the world full of diversity.

A number of people coming from various circles both individually and group have increased in joining the mission. The support also comes from the government circles. At the moment, there has been more than 50 organizations to join the echo of peace and thousands of people has been awaken to be the ambassadors of peace. Therefore the echo of peace is a combination of private and government organizations as well as the society formed on the basis of awareness to gather and simultaneously maintain blissfulness condition. We form ourselves as an OC (Organizing Committee) in the committee that switch every year. The previous committee structure compile themselves in the SC (Steering Committee) so that there will be a direct team committed to regenerate these noble move.

Logo and Meanings

Bali is an island of inspiration. Sense of peacefulness and blissfulness can bring out inspiration and this is understood by the blue symbol of the island of Bali. The colorful part of the picture shows that we are coming from various background of SARA (ethnicity, religion, clan, and cross-class), economic layers; social and cultural position in the society, the term Manca is a natural fact which does not need to be created similar. Let’s respect and appreciate others in togetherness.

The symbol of holding hands, a colorful banner which has a total of six means that we live on various life cycles and all of those direct us to our goals as the number of 7 after 6. With basic self-realization (5) perfected by the life cycle in all aspects including spiritual and physical education, so it can be enlightened until the six sense towards the seven (TUJUan) genuine purposes which is expected to be able to fly freely like the 3 eagles, a symbol of enlightened, understanding of the cycle of law of life utpeti ( creation – construction), stiti ( maintenance) and praline ( deconstruction for a new creation). By going deep into that understanding, the blissfulness can be achieved. Those who have already got the point will create a peacefulness condition, respect the idea that blissfulness is precious and must be undertaken. With that simple understanding, we first hold peace as a necessity so that the stage of civilization will take a good part while looking for the depth of true peace.

Vision and Mission

Vision :

The actualization of public awareness to live peacefully through social activities based on mutual cooperation.


  1. Making Echo of Peace as a way to educate the society of having a blissful mindset, realizing diversity as a fact in the real life and living in harmony with other people.
  2. Making Echo of Peace as an endless annual event and set it as a commemoration of blissful holy day of all religion as well as various faiths.
  3. Making Echo of Peace as an icon of Bali and Indonesia to be better recognized in the entire world that it could inspire the world. As well as the human beings keep reminding themselves to maintain their silence and peace of mind as the basis of their attitude in carrying the life they live.
  4. Promoting prayers and blissful vibe which is performed by all religions and faith. The vibe then will fill the cosmic realm, spread the entire Bali Indonesia and throughout the universe.
  5. Making echo of peace activities as means of gathering and uniting the nation’s generation to carry out their conscience by not discriminating the religion/ belief/ faith/ customs, primordial color, status or variety/ mosaic of other perspectives.

This event is expected to be held in another province on the same date and at the same time in order to thoroughly raise the effect of the reverberation as well as the echo of peace. In case it cannot be done on the same day, there should be relevance to the local situation, as long as the basic value is peacefulness. Everybody aware that blissfulness is something to be fought for; it is not something that comes easily.

Agenda of the Echo of Peace Event

The event is started every September 21 which is stated as the World Peace Day by the United Nations. It is started by holding a symposium event at the Gong Perdamaiann location, Kertalangu-Kesiman, Denpasar, followed by a socialization and education events for various segments until peak of event, namely day H. What is meant by day H is that the nearest Saturday before October 12 of each year. The detailed agenda will be prepared separately.

The highlight of the event is held at the Bajra Sandhi Monument starting from 4.45 to 8 WITA. This event involves central government leaders, provinces, cities and regencies in Bali as well as saints, priests, monks, clerics, community leaders from various groups and religions, the consuls of closed countries, activists of all religions, pasraman council, artists, cultural figures, students, organizations and another people both local and international in the total number of thousands of people. The programs begin with an exhibition of diversity in teaching or praxis of religious/ religious beliefs, yoga, padayatra ,governor’s speech, concurrently praying and entertainment.

The Echo of Peace Committee

Steering Commitee (SC) : Ida Rsi Acharya Waisnawa Agni Budha Wisesanatha, Agung Suryawan Wiranatha, Putu Agus Antara, Gusti Kade Sutawa, Rai Surya Wijaya, Ketut Darmika, Pandita Sudiartha Indrajaya, H. Deden Saefulloh, Jro Jemiwi. Adviser: Ida Rsi Bujangga Waisanawa Hari Anom Palguna, Ida Rsi Bhagawan Smerthi Kusuma Wijaya Sebali, Ida Bhagawan Yogananda, Chairperson of Balinese Religious Harmony Forum: Ida Panglingsir Agung Putra Sukahet, Chairperson of the Keraton Nusantara Relationship Forum Bali: AA G.A.B. Sutedja,

Chairperson of the Nusantara Ethnic Communication Forum: A.A Ngurah Bagus, Chairperson of the Eling (Awareness) Nusantara Foundation: Muliana Guntur, Chairperson of the Peace Gong Community: Suardhana W Linggih.

Steering Committee (SC): Agung Suryawan Wiranatha, Putu Agus Antara, Gusti Kade Sutawa, Rai Surya Wijaya, Ketut Darmika, Pandita Sudiartha Indrajaya, H. Deden Saefulloh, Jro Jemiwi.

Organizing Committee (OC):


  • Vice Chairperson I :
  • Vice Chairperson II :
  • Vice Chairperson III :
  • Vice Chairperson IV :
  • Vice Chairperson V :
  • Vice Chairperson VI :
  • Vice Chairperson VII :

Secretary :

  • Vice Secretary :
  • Executive Secretary I :
  • Executive Secretary II :


  • Chamberlain I :
  • Chamberlain II:

Specific Chairperson of Community Participation Scope

  1. Buddhism
  2. Hinduism
  3. Islam
  4. Catholic
  5. Kong Hu Chu :
  6. Protestant Christianity:
  7. Faith / Ethnicity
  8. Cross Pasraman/Parade :
  9. Schools, Universities, Community Oragnization & Public:
  10. National & International :
  11. Cross Cultural Archipelago :


  1. Funding Division
  2. Equipment / Transportation / Decoration
  3. Public Relations, Publications, Documentations
  4. Events
  5. Means of Worship/Tradition
  6. Security
  7. Consumption
  8. General