Echo of Peace

Echo of Peace or Gema Perdamaian (GP) is a movement aiming to bring people aware to the importance of living in harmony and peaceful among human beings, nature and the entire universe. This movement is encouraged by the conscience to care about the journey of civilization either in the form of history, or recent situation that occurs around the world particularly in Indonesia with its various humanitarian catastrophes since 2002. The difference is a fact of living. There would be the diversity in religious, racial, ethnic background and others which are not reasons that can raise contradictions, fights, disputes and any other horrible incidents which bring out a – not – blissful situation.

Currently, life has been full of problems for there is no peaceful as the base of the living. There has been contradiction, hatreds, dissension, argument, fights in almost all aspects of social life and warfare is considered to be very practical and easy step to be executed. The democratization that could improve social welfare is still at the level of euphoria and what emerges is an endless dispute between groups of people.

Lately, it seems that civilization is dominated by the ego, arrogance of rationality and all things related to that. Whenever calmness takes part and reconciling ourselves can be done, consciously, we will realize that all those negative things are not what we wish to happen. A peaceful civilization will mean nothing. Blissfulness is the foundation of life. Life can be more beneficial, valuable yet precious by maintaining blissfulness.

Hence, regular activities of Echo of Peace are held annually as a reminder, a pillar to refresh the idea of peacefulness which has been hoped for by a lot of parties. The commemoration will be held on Saturday, October, 12,2018 symbolizes the preventive step as well as awareness action. It is also one of anticipatory awareness to conduct peaceful condition.

Several nations’ generations coming from various circles which are now take part as the steering committee, set themselves to initiate and assist the programs without any beneficial intentions. They do it by consciousness.

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